Coach Netra

Live and Perform at Your Best!

Arnetra Shettleworth, is a former Corporate Executive in both retail and healthcare with over 20 years experience in leading and coaching teams in operations and tasked with final fiscal responsibility.

She now has the opportunity to own and operate Butterfly Transformation Nutrition Coaching, where she delivers on her first love of aiding clients, both individuals and corporations, with reprioritizing health via nutrition and lifestyle habits, in order to live and perform at their best!

She has had the opportunity to impact a diverse range of clientele consisting of: Entrepreneurs, Executives, Politicians, Models and Athletes. Her philosophy is to create an environment where sustainability is key - the approach must not only meet the client where they are but create a space for habit building with both a short and long-term health impact.

The objective is to reduce risk of disease, improve overall health, have better and more sustained energy, while also loving the person they see in the mirror!

Arnetra has had the opportunity to be a guest speaker and present on topics such as:

Women and Healthcare,

How to Combat High Cholesterol,

High Blood Pressure -

How to Impact the Diagnosis,

Pre-Diabetes Prevention, and Living with Diabetes.

She holds a Finance Degree from the University of Florida, an MBA from Nova Southeastern H. Wayne Huizenga College of Business and Entrepreneurship, a Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach, PN 1 Certification along with a Menopause Coaching Specialist Certification from GGS.

Her mission is to help clients reach their health and lifestyle goals via behavior modifications that include: stress management, quality sleep, a consistent fitness regimen, and more importantly establishing a realistic relationship with food.

The objective is teaching clients how to achieve the health, performance, and physique they aspire to have, while eating in a sustainable way for a lifetime. The driving force behind this is ensuring we can underscore cultural and genetic health implications and begin to thrive, by leading better lifestyles that uplift communities.

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